Thoughts on the Murder of Jesus Christ

5 April, 2015

Imagine Jesus Christ walking the earth as a human man. He was falsely accused and crucified. When accused, He spoke little. He didn't fight his captors. He willingly allowed them to murder Himself.

Think about the relationship that has on our sins. Are we not guilty of murdering Christ ourselves? The biblical writings are not just of some other people from the past. Humanity is made up of imperfect people. We are sinners. All of us (Romans 3). And because of sin, Christ's death was necessary. Doesn't that mean we are all guilty of making His death necessary? So if you really think about it deeply, each one of us might as well have murdered Jesus Christ. Each one of us might as well have held the whip in our hands and struck Christ on the back (John 19:1). Each one of us might as well have hung Him on the cross (John 19:16), and each one of us might as well have pierced Him with a spear (John 19:34).

We did it. Picture yourself killing Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Picture yourself looking into the eyes of the Creator of the universe and whipping Him. Pulling your arm back and throwing a whip of painful lashings against His back. Imagine yourself hanging him on the cross and murdering Him.

Think deeply for a second about why Jesus Christ died on the cross—for the forgiveness of our sins. Not just for the forgiveness of the sins of other people. For the forgiveness of our sins. We made it necessary for Christ to die so that we could be forgiven. So when you think about it, we are literally responsible for his death.

Have we not murdered Christ ourselves?

Our sins are horrific, but God did die for us, and he forgives these and all of our many other sins if we would only let Him. I challenge you to think deeply about the sins in your life; About how they relate to the death of Jesus. Think deeply about how much God loves you and wants you to come to Him so that He can forgive you and embrace you. He gives us all a way to be forgiven of our sins. Will we let Him? He literally died for us. Will we die for Him?

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