About Salvasean

Sean from salvasean.com

Welcome. My name is Sean.

This is a blog I write where I share my thoughts on life and faith in hopes that I can provoke others to think deeply about their own life and faith. If I help make one person's life better this site has served its purpose. I am not writing to make money. You will never find ads on this site. And all of my content and site is copyright free

Why don't I allow comments?

I don't believe they would ultimately add enough value to the site and its purpose. If you would like to discuss the topics further, this can be done via other avenues, such as facebook, email, etc. While I'm sure there might be some constructive conversation, there would also be a lot of negative comments and discussions. I don't have the time nor desire to moderate comments, and that would detract from the positive impact I hope my posts can convey. First and foremost, I simply want to challenge people to examine their lives and faith in a way that helps them better themselves and their relationship with God, or to cause someone to question their existing beliefs and/or hopefully start them on a new journey that leads to fellowship with Jesus Christ.

Why don't you always reference specific bible passages?

Sometimes, a passage I reference benefits from additional context to be fully appreciated. I also hope that by linking to a section or chapter rather than a single verse, you will read more surrounding text and become more familiar with the Word of God.

Why don't you link to online bible passages?

Websites come and go. If I were to link to a website and that website was shut down, the links on my website would be broken. Passages can always be looked up on a website or in a real bible. Consider my site self-contained. I also prefer not to associate myself with any specific website that may cause it to appear that I am affiliated with a specific church or denomination of Christianity. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is that I hope that you will open a real bible, search for the text and in doing so become more familiar with the Word of God.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can reach me at sean@salvasean.com or via Twitter. Please keep emails thoughtfully short and respectful.

More about me in the future. For now I need to get some content going.