True Happiness

July 7, 2015

We live in a world where temporary happiness is valued more than true happiness. You are seen as unloving if you aren't "open" and "accepting" of everything people want to do.

The world has adopted many cultural changes and various laws that may seem loving and open to us. However, God has told us they are not. God wants to protect us and teach us what is right. He wants us to be prepared in every way, so that we can have eternal happiness in Heaven. So, while we may want to allow certain things in our culture that are perceived as open and loving, we need to consider true happiness - happiness forever. We may believe that these things will make us happy right now, but in the long run - the very long run (eternity) - they will make us miserable.

God knows better than us. He is our eternal Father. We need to let Him teach us. Not only does he know best, but He is perfect! So we should trust His judgement, not our own, when He tells us what to do and what not to do. Think of children here in this life.

When a child is learning about the world, they may want to touch the stove or drink the chemicals under the sink. However, as parents we know what is best for them, and we tell them they can't do such things. We protect them. Sometimes they make mistakes, and we forgive them and help them get back on their way. As they grow and learn, we guide them and teach them what is right and wrong so they will be safe and happy.

If your child drinks the cleaning supplies and they die, that clearly wasn't a good decision on their part, and we would have failed in teaching and protecting them. So it's our job to guide them. As good loving parents, wouldn't they would do well to listen, as we have more knowledge than they do?

In the same way, God gives us all we need in order to know what is right and wrong. His Word is completely sufficient for all good works (2 Timothy 3:16-17). So why should we, as adults, think any differently about ourselves in the scope of our lives and happiness as they relate to eternity? Shouldn't we listen to our eternal Father who knows not only what is best, but also is perfect in His knowledge? If you go to the source of love you will find God (1 John 4).

God is love.

We will all die one day, and we get to choose whether to accept God's love or deny it by our own free will. Could there be anything more important than whether or not someone gains eternal life in heaven with God? Let us examine the things in this world and hold fast to the things not of this world. Let us not give in to our own desires, but give them up to gain something infinitely better. Let us do what is right and avoid what is wrong at all costs, no matter what the world would tell us.

Let us be open to hearing God's Word. Let us all have equality in Christ. Let us love each other as He loves us.

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