A Second Chance?

June 4, 2015

Have you ever changed your opinion of something over time?

Perhaps you didn't like a song the first time you listened to it, but after hearing it a few times you started to appreciate it more. Or maybe you didn't like a book the first time reading it but developed a new appreciation for it the second time?

Why exactly do these things happen?

Don't we jump to conclusions? Sometimes we don't give something enough of a chance the first time around. We just aren't in the right mood or state of mind to appreciate something. However, as we become more familiar with something-as we understand it better-we develop a new appreciation for it.

It usually takes a step forward on our part: to listen to the song again or read the book again for example. But why do we give it a second or even a first try? Maybe someone else recommended the book to you, or you just happen to hear the song on the radio?

What about learning? Can't learning something new completely change your life?

Perhaps you learn about debt management and it changes how you spend money. You save more, can afford more, and you get out of debt. There are times when we learn about medical conditions, and this knowledge allows us to have surgery or take medication that saves or greatly improves our lives.

I could go on. But I want to stress the idea that sometimes we need to be open to change. We need to realize that knowledge can help us and even save our lives. Even if we weren't receptive to it the first time. We can move towards better things for ourselves and for others.

I challenge you to consider a relationship with God. If you think you have one, try and look at it with a fresh perspective. If you don't, think of it as something new to seek. You may have heard about God, but do you really know about Him; who He is; what He wants of you? Can you grasp what it means to know Him?

Why not find out? If you have tried to seek Him in the past, why not give it another chance? Maybe, like that old song you didn't like at first, you need to give it one more chance from a new perspective.

God wants you to know Him. It's been quoted a billion times, but look what John said:

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16)

That's pretty heavy stuff. God gave us His only son, who gave up his own life at our hands, so that we could have the opportunity to gain eternal life.

God loves us (Romans 5:8, 1 John 4:8-9). He tells us that we can be with Him forever in Heaven. His Word is truth, and it is what we need to learn and follow. It provides everything we need to ensure eternal life (2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:3). We can learn about God through His Word. We can believe in Him and have faith in Him.

If we change our ways, confess that Jesus is truly the Son of God, and we are immersed in water through baptism, we can be added to Christ's body and have eternal life (Acts 2:37-38, Acts 8:26-39, Acts 16:11-15, Acts 16:25-34, 1 Corinthians 12:12-27). His "body" is the one true church (Acts 2:47, Ephesians 4:4-6, Colossians 1:18). Being in His body, we can gather in worship and fellowship with others in Christ. (Acts 2:42). We can move past this worldly life and enter a new life; a life where we prepare for our eternity in the kingdom of Heaven.

Is this not the most important thing to at least consider and investigate? I implore you - give it a chance. Give Him a chance. If not for the first time, why not a second? Maybe this time things will be different...

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